Van Beek Welding Company, a trusted name

This family company was founded in 1994 and it has since grown into one of the leading welding companies in the Netherlands and abroad. With the knowledge and skills available within the team, we devise and produce a wide range of formworks and related products.

Options available at Van Beek Welding Company

The demands made by architects and other project managers on infrastructure projects are ever increasing. Our formworks offer a solution, both in terms of form and sophistication. We have designed and produced the formworks for various wildlife bridges, fly-overs and viaducts. We have also been commissioned by various clients to produce formworks for stadiums and event halls, such as stand elements and staircases.

Our clients can always count on us. For every request we look for a suitable solution. By linking techniques to new applications, we are always looking for even more efficiency and user-friendliness.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of Van Beek Welding Company

As a welding company, we design and produce formworks for all conceivable applications: battery formworkgirder sleevescolumn formwork and bulkheads. We set high quality demands and minimum tolerances for these formworks. The expertise and experience available within our team means that we have the right solutions for every challenge. Would you like to learn more about what we can do for you? Call us on +31 (0)6 – 57 280 207.