Battery formwork: flexible and easy to use

Do you need concrete columns, walls or beams for your project that require formwork to be produced? We deliver custom-made battery formwork. No measurements are too big or too small. Our battery formwork systems are flexible and easy to use.

Flexible options and safety with battery formwork

Battery formwork consists of a solid base frame, on which a fixed middle panel and several movable panels are fitted. It is also possible to fit bolts onto the middle panel so that it can be moved sideways. Another option is to produce the middle panel in double and to add a landing with a staircase, so that you can easily reach and finish the cast area.

Side panel options
The mobile side panels are supplied with a six-millimetre thick steel formwork plate to which the end panels and bevelling are attached. Several options are available for rolling the side panels:

  • manually, using a rack and pinion winch.
  • hydraulic synchronising system, so that the panels can be moved evenly.

Ground formwork options
Ground formwork can be made of all steel, including bevelled edges and rubber sealing. You can also finish the seal yourself with H20 supports and eighteen millimetres of concrete complex. You can also choose between a height adjustment option or the innovative system with milled steel bevel strips. This innovative system is adjustable in height and width and only one concrete spacer plate needs to be added. Furthermore, we can also install a wooden profile at the top of the panels, so that you can nail down the cast elements and bevelled edges.

To enhance safety, we can fit a platform to the battery formwork.

Quality battery formwork at our welding company

We deliver top quality battery formwork for every application. Do you have any questions or do you need advice? Then contact us. We will be happy to assist.